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  • Where can I get materials and equipment once I have completed my course?
    During your training day we will provide you with advice and suppliers on materials and equipment.
  • Is there a time limit I have to complete my course in?
    No, you will be provided with manuals and workbooks to complete in your own time before your face to face training day. A time frame for your prior home study will be discussed and agreed within a time frame that is suitable for you. Once this timeframe has been agreed, then this will need to be met. If you are unable to keep to the time frame before your face to face training day contact us as soon as possible sp we can workout a solution to help you in completing your course.
  • Do I need to purchase anything for the training day?
    No, whilst at the Academy you will be able to use our collection of products for yout practical training and some courses include kits which you will be able to take home with you. For some courses you will be provided with a small selection to practice at home to help complete any case studies that may be set to complete your course.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, we aim to make every career dream possible and we know it comes with a price tag, as we have had to also pay the price to reach our career goals with training. We offer payment plans through klarna and clearpay, both offer 0% interest options. If this are not suitable for your payment method email us and see how we can help you.
  • I have trained with you before, can I get discounted courses in the future?
    ABSOLUTLEY, we will provide all our students with future discounts for additional courses within your journey. Plus bigger ones when you recommend us.
  • I have additional needs, can I still Attend?
    Absolutely, all students will fill out an enrolment form where additional needs will be documented, so that we can provide the best support necessary for your training. Both our locations have mobility access and we can amend any learning materials to suit each learners needs. If we are unable to provide the full support needed that will be most suitable for you, we can guide you with alternative recommendations.
  • Are your courses accredited?
    Our beauty foundation courses are accredited and recognised by employers and insurance companies to practice. Our advanced courses are Ofqual regulated and certified and hold the highest recognised certification with insurers in the industry. With all our course we can provide you with links and discounts to be fully insured with your certifications.
  • Will I have to provide my own models for training?
    We will have models for you on the training day, but if you feel more comfortable providing your own thats is fine, you will just need to let us know in advance. If your course requires case studies, you will need to provide theses as part of your home learning. If this is difficult we can provide you with a day work experience within our locations so that you are able to complete your case studies.
  • Are you open during school holidays?
    Advance Beauty Academy is open throughout all school holidays.
  • What are the course hours for training?
    "Each course will have a different duration and structure which will be explained on booking. A typical face to face training day will run from 10am until 5pm, with a 30min lunch break. If you are unable to commit to the training day hours, discuss the with your tutor prior to the booked training day. Advanced Beauty Academy tutors are here to help support you in achieving and completing your course and are happy to adapt where possible to suit you."
  • Do you offer support throughput the course?
    As soon as you have paid for your course, the support begins and we are here to help you every step of the way. We will help support you during home study, throughput your training day and once you have completed your course we can offer support if needed.
  • Will I get a certificate when I complete my course?
    Yes, all our students will be provided with a stunning certificate to show your accomplishment.
  • Do I need previous experience?
    We have tailored courses suitable for beginners and pathways for those that are looking for a new career path. Some courses will require you to have previous qualifications but here at Advance Beauty Academy, we can help guide you every step of the way within a suitable pathway to help you achieve your goals and start your journey in the beauty industry.
  • What is your cancellation Policy?
    We aim to provide you with the most suitable course for your journey so that there will be no need for cancellations. There will be a non refundable deposit payable for all courses of £200 to hold your place. Once you have booked your course, you have committed to learning and we will help you with every step.
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